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If you need to contact Jason regarding Sims 2-related issues (including but not limited to feedback, suggestions, technical issues, technical advice, criticism, death threats, and so on) your requests can be submitted to I don't currently take requests, but will consider suggestions.

If you need to contact Ophelia, you should probably get your head examined.


  1. I may be double posting, I can't tell if my message yesterday posted before the laptop crashed. Sorry if I am. I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the portion of the story you took down thru email or something? I'd really like to read it, but I don't want you taken down. Thank you.

    1. Hey, there. I received your mail and sent the images in an attachment. I'm still finding a workaround to host the images without torquing off Google.

  2. Hey. So, I'm sorry for being rude earlier. I'd just like to let you know that I have reuploaded my file that only contains the lot itself. I have linked your page in the description to your playset and I hope that clears everything up.
    I already have enough to deal with IRL and I don't want to deal with drama.
    I also deleted the entire comment section because I don't want drama on my video comments. I fixed everything and hopefully that's fine.
    I also just saw your blog on your page talking about our tumblr conversation. I don't appreciate that you assume me as a horrible person over one message and all the other things you said. I wasn't trying to be rude in that message at all.
    Of course, you can keep whatever you want on your blog, that's fine.
    I'd just wish you continued our conversation on tumblr last month so I would've understood and fixed the download last month unlike today while having an argument on my comments.
    You don't have to "write a nasty letter" to Mediafire because you don't really have to worry about that anymore.

    By the way, I had no idea my lot ended up in a post on SimsCave, I never even get on that website nor have an account on it.

    (Your email didn't work so I have to post this here)

    1. I'll respond to your points in reverse, because this seems the most logical way to respond.

      I'm not sure why you weren't able to send an e-mail. The address is valid, and receives notifications from my active blogs. It doesn't appear to be a technical issue.

      SimsCave is an agregate site where volunteers (cave scouts) publish updates from content creators all around the interwebz. My guess is that your Tumblr was suggested to one of the scouts by another user because it looked interesting, or the scout came across the post and found it interesting. Which would mean more traffic for the page/ more exposure for the creator in the community. I'm not sure how this is a bad thing. But this is tangential to the issue, and doesn't really make it better. What you're implying is that if that if your lot hadn't been promoted by SimsCave, I might not have discovered that my content had been stolen.

      To clarify, I didn't write a nasty letter. I filed a DMCA claim. When I discovered that my content was being redistributed through another medium without my permission, I contacted you. The response I received was, to be honest, dismissive and condescending, and as you didn't seem to comprehend that what you were doing was illegal I saw no point in continuing the conversation. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act is was put in place expressly to protect content creators from having their work stolen/ distributed illegally, and my actions in reporting your upload were within my legal rights.

      I've watched your speed build video for the lot in question. The video is something like 15 minutes long, which would indicate it took you easily 20-30 hours to build the lot. What would you think if another creator downloaded the lot and re-uploaded it on another page as part of a completely unrelated project, without asking your permission, without crediting you for the 20-30 hours of work you put into it, and without providing a link to the source material? I'm willing to bet that you'd be a little bit pissed off.

    2. I'm not knocking lot creators because I started off as a lot creator and there are some builders (v1nd1care, AudLuvsVegas, StephSim) whose lots are truly works of art. But basic lot building is a minor skill; it's not as complex or time-consuming an operation as building functional object sets, or multi-sim pose sets, or accessories from scratch. Each of my uploads represents weeks or in some cases months of work for me. When I use assets that aren't my own, I make every effort to verify that the original creator(s) has given the proper permissions in the TOU, or if not expressly specified I make every effort to contact the original creator. I have a clearly marked credits section for every upload where I use assets that I didn't create, and if at all possible, there's a valid link for each credit. There isn't a specific rule/law for this practice, it's just common courtesy to other creators.

      I'm not concerned with the lot, or the objects packaged inside the Sims2Pack. My concern is with the unrelated content (accessories, poseboxes, and objects not used in the lot) being redistributed with the lot. If this issue has been resolved, I have no further interest in what you chose to share on your tumblr.