Friday, April 6, 2018

Rio Resurgence (Part 4)

Important Update- 4/17/2018: My friend Lifa added morphs to both meshes. If you downloaded before 4/17, please redownload.

Happy Friday, folks.

I love the Rio bodyshape. Love love love it. In my opinion, it was probably Warlokk's best work. Not quite as top-heavy as CPU, Rio has slightly smaller, more naturally-shaped boobs, but she's beamier around the beam end. Overall, I think Rio is criminally underappreciated.

There are plenty of good everyday clothes (be sure to check out Julie's stuff here!!!) but to my knowledge, nobody ever got around to updating Warlokk's original underwear and nude meshes with Bloom's sexyfeet. I noticed this when I was doing my underwear set for Midnight at the Quartermaster, and so I redid both meshes.

The clothing comes in two versions, Tooltip'd (if you don't have BSOK installed) and BSOK'd (if you do). Please choose only one.


Part 4 is the last of the "regular" sets (the sets that use just the swimsuit and nude meshes). It includes the last of the Bruno lingerie sets, some underwear, and a variety of bikinis, in regular and topless versions.

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

Warlokk for the lovely original Rio bodies

Bloom for the equally lovely Sexyfeet

Bruno for the Petits Fours lingerie

feefifofum for the camo undies

Marvine for the workout wear

Fishman0422 for the microkinis

Mailman for the hot bikinis

Roxxy  for the Fun in the Sun bikinis 

More under the cut.

And here are the new outfits:


Workout Wear


You can find the everything at Sim File Share. Only select one version.

Rio Resurgence (Part 4)- Tooltipp'd

Rio Resurgence (Part 4)- BSOK'd

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