Friday, December 15, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017- The Guys

Merry xmas, Happy Saturnalia, Jolly Festivus, and happy holidays. This is Part 2 of a two-part upload. Happy Holidays 2017 is kind of a one-off; I've had a few requests for the models I use in my stories/project photos, and I'm happy to oblige. Use and abuse them as you please.

Note: I don't really consider myself a Sim-maker; my strong suits are objects, accessories, and poses. Most of the models here are either really heavily modified pre-mades of really heaviliy modified Sims I made using Selzi and Oepu's default face replacers and isbrealiomcaife's non-default faces. This is just a small selection of the best, most attractive Sims in my game that I extracted using Sim Surgery. (Check out my in-depth tutorial for more about this). Also, normally I do a full list of credits for my creations, but because there's so much here, I'm only including a screen capture of the Sims2Pack.

The sims are packaged without the overlays pictures above. To add the body hair, you'll need Sam the Man's Body Hair controllerMorague's Anatomy Bits, and Fractured Moonlight's Say Nay to Blades.

More about the girls below the cut:

Donal and Conal
Donal and Conal, the twins from Kingdom of Colton. One is a guardsman, and the other is a highwayman. They're wearing Bodybuilder bodies, but the skintone isn't linked.

Captain Ghosan, the idealistic Itchian captain from Blue Heaven Sims (but now as a human). He's wearing a SBB body, but the skintone isn't linked.

My favortie male model! Jet has appeared as the hard-boiled, womanizing smuggler Jethro Phoenix in Blue Heaven Stories, and as Jet the Archer in Kingdom of Colton. He's wearing a LBB body, but the skintone isn't linked.

Xander has taken on two roles: Lieutenant Xander in Harmony Station, and Raimund the blacksmith in Kingdom of Colton. Hhe's wearing a SBB body, but the skintone isn't linked.

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