Friday, March 11, 2016

True Naked Clothing Set- Additional Female Sizes 3

I sincerely apologize for the long delay since my last upload. I blame Fallout 4, creator's block, increased stress at work, and so on. I'm still half-assed creating, but the uploads will probably a lot less frequent. I've considered converting some of my family-friendly stuffz to Fallout for, but I still have a lot to learn about editing .nif and .esp files.

I've been meaning to make some add-ons for this set for some time. These are a bunch of random female meshes, with mostly exagerated proportions, made using the True Naked format. (No bumpmaps, categorized using BSOK). The Miana and WRS were requests, and Gothplague´s teen clothing is was long overdue. The adult sizes included are Warlokk's Voluptuous, Toon Gal, Power Girl, and Booty Gal, MIA's Booty Cutie, Gothplague's Hyper Busty, and Dr Pixel's Well-Rounded Sim. The teen sizes include Gothplague's conversions of Toon Gal, Booty Gal, CPU and Rio, as well as BTH's GND and Bootylicious. The Miana sizes include adult and teen clothes.

I don't really use these sizes in my game, but I made them as a completer set because I'm OCD like that. I have a planned posebox that uses mixed adult/teen poses, and so the various teen female body sizes needed to get done.

I'm not a big fan of the miana body, but I respect the skill that went into making it. Miana uses its own special skin textures; the regular skintones don't line up well. I found the miana meshes, plus a lot of other Miana shit, HERE and HERE, courtesy of MOOKIEBLAYLOCK. He also hosts a lot of Gothplague's teen conversions HERE. I couldn't find a full-body well-rounded mesh with sexyfeet, so I used the blockfeet mesh that I could find. Since the meshes for this clothing are scattered all over the interwebz and a pain in the ass to find, I've included mesh packs in the download. To my knowledge, all of the original creators either allow redistribution or have been inactive now for a long time; please let me know if this isn't the case.


Warlokk for the Voluptuous, Toon Gal, Power Girl, and Booty Gal shapes, as well as the original shapes for Rio and CPU.
Gothplague for the Hyper Busty and Miana body shapes and the teen conversions of Toon Gal, Booty Gal, Rio, and CPU
Dr. Pixel for the Well-Rounded Sim body shape.
MIA for the Booty Cutie body shape.
BobbTH for the GND and Bootylicious teen body shapes.

Here are the adult female clothing sizes:

Here are the teen female clothing sizes:

Here are the Miana sizes:

So here are the downloads:

Download from Sim File Share:
True Naked Clothing- AF Sizes 3
True Naked Clothing- AF Sizes 3 Mesh Pack

True Naked Clothing Set- TF Sizes 3
True Naked Clothing Set- TF Sizes 3 Mesh Pack

True Naked Clothing Set- Miana AF and TF
True Naked Clothing Set- Miana AF and TF Mesh Pack


  1. I'd bake you a batch of your fav cookies, if I were a sufficient pastry baker :D Thanks so much for the WRS and Bootie Cutie! These are my fav body types as I like playing body types similar to mine and I'm between the two lol

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    2. Nice. I like 'em beamy 'round the beam end, too (me and Sir Mix-a-Lot :D). I don't use the body shapes in this set quite as frequently, but they make a nice addition to the set.

      Hopefully this will pull me out of my funk and I'll start creating and uploading more regularly

    3. Your timing with these is perfect! :D I've started writing again and am going to try to wrap up the Ivanov Arc. I've got two, possibly three instalments plotted, where the second one in particular wraps up some loose ends I realised you only know where they went if you were in the RPG all those years ago. And since I'll be posting it on my own blog, where I can go NSFW if I want to (and even say things like "damn" :P), I can write it the way it was supposed to be written all along - which unlike in the RPG includes someone *not* keeping their dress on. ;) Your outfits save me from having to go mesh hunting to make something like this myself, so thank you very much for that!

    4. Nix! It's been too long. I sincerely hope this means you're feeling better.

      I absolutely adore your writing, especially the Ivanov Arc, and genuinely look forward to the next exciting installment. I've been doing some serious procrastinating lately, and I'm glad that my only contribution in who-knows-how-long will be put to good use. Knowing you as I do, it's hard to imagine you publishing something with an R rating, but I'll bide my time because I know it will be awesome; your pics are always superbly composed.

      These are some of the funkier adult sizes, btw. The Hyper girl is extremely exaggerated, and the Booty Gal is a bit over-the-top, too. My real drive for getting this set out was a forthcoming project in which I need more variety in my teen bodies. The original set has more "regular" adult sized outfits, if that helps.

  2. And as per always, I completely forgot to check back for replies. Sorry!

    And thanks. Yes, things are getting better; January and February were rough (illness and death in the family, with all the accompanying bureaucratic shite. Bureaucracy reigns supreme here, it always has to come first), but yeah, it's better now. I'm more or less back from my hiatus, only I won't make it official until I have an upload ready.

    And thank you for your kind words about my writing. Not sure how good a writer I am, especially since I'm woefully out of practice right now, but at least I'm having fun, right? :) And it will be more T than R; no smokin' hot sex scenes or anything, it's more about Gal needing to distract Guy from what she's really up do, and nekkid bewbies being a quick and easy way to do it. (That bugged me about the RPG post; since I had to cut out any references to anything mildly sexual from the RPG post, the guy seemed out-of-character gullible and easy to fool, and I never liked that.) And the Voluptuous body type, or possibly Booty Cutie, is just what I'm looking for, so this set is good. :)

    Don't know if you celebrate, but hope you had a great Easter if you do (and a good weekend if you don't)!

    1. Glad to hear you're over the rough patch, mostly. You and I go back a long way, and I'm pulling for you. Stay strong, sister.

      Don't sell yourself short. Your writing is really, really good. You always seem to capture the atmosphere of each chapter perfectly, and get into the heads of the main characters, really capturing their thoughts and emotions. That human element, no matter what setting it's in, is what makes good storytelling, IMHO. That's something I was never really able to do; my stories tend to meander aimlessly and never get where they're supposed to go.

      Speaking on Guy's behalf, that would work. Most of us are hardwired with short attention spans, except when dealing with nekkid bewbies. I actually built an entire Sims blog around the theme. :D One of the reasons I created my original story blog is that my own storytelling style is visceral and the plot is occasionally driven by strong language, nudity, and people f***ing (or Icthians, or Coatl, or Andorians). It's a part of the human experience, no matter how you try to gloss over it. To this day, I still laugh at how Sim Trek would scrub my posts so that even "damage" would get mangled into "darnage".