Friday, May 1, 2015

Kink Sex Posebox

Sorry it's been so long. I've kind of hit a dry spell in my Sims 2 creating lately. I used to do about an upload a week, but lately, I've run out of material/ haven't been feeling very creative/ have had other things going on. So uploads may be a bit sparse while I get my bearings.

This posebox is a bunch of fun new kinky poses. By kink, I mean stuff that's hot and non-vanilla. Rimjobs, teabagging, a bit of ass-to-mouth, and several awesome group poses. No special equipment required here, and a few of the poses are strap-on compatible.

About the posebox itself: One of the most frustrating things about poseboxes is that they aren't very descriptive. Most creators simply name the poses Pose 1, Pose 2, Pose 3, etc., buried under two or three submenus. When you try to end the pose, you can't remeber if you used Pose 4 or Pose 12. So I included the option "STOP ALL POSES" right at the main menu level. This makes life much easier. Also as with my previous poseboxes, I've included the whole menu of facial expressions with this one.

There are a total of 4 groups of poses (titwank, oral kink, anal kink, and group). Altogether, tere are 67 uniquie poses. The gang bang poses are all intended to be used on a (hopefully very sturdy) coffee table. They're also mix-and-match; since each trio or quartet only takes up one tile of the coffee table, the poses from the other group can be used in the occupied tile I've also included a downloadable pose catalog at the end of the post (and yes, the girl kneeling on the coffee table in the second group IS doing double anal!). As usual, there's a posing guide and a collection file in the download link to accompany the new posebox.

Warning: Rimjobs! Bukkake! Gang Bangs! and other fun stuff

Here's the complete selection of poses (Note: There's a downloadable pose guide in a link at the end of the post).

Group: Titwank Poses

Group: Oral Kink Sex Poses

Group: Anal Kink Sex Poses

Group: Group Kink Sex Poses

Group: Face Overlays

And here are the goods:

Download from Box:
Kink Set PoseboxKink Sex Posing Guide


  1. What an amazing work! You surprise me again and again with your great ideas. Please go on like this.

    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the new poses.

  2. Nice job with the pose box and my faves are the double bj cock sucker and bukkake for some reason? haha! Keep up the good work dude and can always intermingle your boxes which is really cool! Thanks Ocelotekatl!

    1. Thanks much. I tried to do some original poses with this box, things I hadn't done before.

      I was okay with the bukkake pose overall, but it's kind of hard to see what's going on because you don't have a clean view from all angles. The double BJ is a nice pose; it came out amazingly clean. You could probably combine some of these poses with the Group sex posebox to make a mega-mega orgy.

      Still dragging ass on the dildo machines. I've been sick the last few days and it's slowed me down a lot. Hopefully in another 1-2 weeks.

  3. Whoa!! I'm so late at finding this!! Awesome pose! I'm so glad you included boob job!!
    Btw, would you be willing to do a boob centric pose pack? Say motorboating, grabbing and sucking, etc while sex. Could be forced and kink as well! I have momma lisa and also the whole boobs/body set and so if you could put them to good use!

    1. Hey there! No worries. This is kind of an older set of poses, but still a classic.

      Momma Lisa is one of my favorite bodyshapes, especially for making sex poses.

      There does seem to be a decided lack of boob-related poses. As per usual, I'm up to my eyeballs in other projects, but I'll take it under consideration as a future project. Maybe one of these days, I'll also do another BBW posebox for Momma Lisa.

    2. Major thanks for the poses! They're perfect!!

      Really? You know of any boob related poses? If you would, whether they're yours or of others, it'd be great if you could link them!
      If you're in i'm @tempo_dg so if you wanna list via DM over there, feel free to do so. Or here if you prefer.
      I'm so late at finding all of this as Sims 4 kept me busy. But old school is the best! :)

      Thanks again!