Friday, April 27, 2018

Well-Rounded Revival- Part 1

Happy Friday, folks.

Many years ago, back in the early days of MTS, a Simmer named Dr. Pixel made one of the first bodyshapes: the Well-Rounded sim. Maybe not the flashiest or most well-known bodyshape, but what's unique about Well-Rounded is that it's realistic. It's well-endowed, with bigger boobs and a rounder bum han the Maxis female bodyshape without achieving majestic proportions like Rio or CPU.

As the shape hasn't received much attention over the years, it never got a Sexyfeet update, realistic nipples, and so on. With the incredible generosity and peerless talent of the amazing Lifa, a new mesh was born, and Well-Rounded is officially revived.

The clothing comes in two versions, Tooltip'd (if you don't have BSOK installed) and BSOK'd (if you do). Please choose only one.


Well-Rounded Revival is a new side project I'm working on, dedicated to preserving and expanding the Well-Rounded bodyshape. Along with an updated True Naked suit, this set will endeavor to convert a bunch of popular and well-made underwear, swimsuits, and BDSM wear to the new Rio with Sexyfeet mesh.

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

First and foremost to Lifa, without whose assistance this project would not have been half as awesome. She helped me convert both meshes (nude and underwear), and added morphs, too. Please visit her Tumblr and show her some love.

Dr. Pixel for the lovely original Well-Rounded bodies

Bloom for the equally lovely Sexyfeet

Bruno for the Petits Fours lingerie

feefifofum for the camo undies

angelalways for the Something Sexy underwear

Carmen.Venus for the animal print bikini

Kijiko for the leather strap top texture, Damask Wallpaper for the conversion to Sims 2.

yangn for the corset textures. (Note: I couldn't locate the original author as she hasn't visited MTS since 2006 or Deviant Art since 2009. If not cool, I'll happily take it down).

More under the cut.

And here are the new outfits:

True Naked for Well-Rounded with Sexyfeet




BoobyShop/ Binning/ etc...

Because I'm something of an organization freak, I made sure everything was organized, binned, and categorized. There are two versions available to download: Tooltip'd and BSOK'd. Choose whichever you prefer.

You can find the everything at Sim File Share. Only select one version.

Well-Rounded Revival (Part 1)- Tooltipp'd

Well-Rounded Revival (Part 1)- BSOK'd

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