Friday, January 19, 2018


Happy Friday, everybody.

I usually don't take on requests, but this seemed like a cool idea and I expanded quite a bit from what the original requester asked for. The project is called Cocksure, and it's about... well, umm, cocks.

So a very long time ago, not long after Marvine first created the HBB bodyshape, she made several cock meshes to accompany the clothing. The meshes themselves are awesome, but they were originally done with blockfeet, and were never fully converted when the HBB v2 came out.

The requester asked me to just to cut off the collars on a couple of the Juppendales stripper outfits, but me being me I made a complete project out of it. I took all three original cock sizes in both states and added the V2 feet, made linked showerproof skintones, and poses (because why have giant cocks if your sims can't pose with them?).

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

Marvine for the fetish cocks and the HBB v2 bodyshape.

Lilith for the base skintone

More under the cut.

Here are the details:

True Naked clothing
I made True Naked clothing (YA-Elder, all categories) for all three cocks, in both states. It comes pre BSOK'd for easy location in your catalog. You'll need a skintone with Marvine's cock textures, so that the cocks appear with all the normal details.

Posebox and poses

Just a set of simple modeling and sex poses for use with the clothes. The modeling poses are suitable for all three cocks, and the sex poses are basically the same two posegroups, but with the positions slightly changed to suit the length of the cock.

Showerproof skintones

I made showerproof skintones linked to the soft mesh. They use the Rose Kiss texture from Lilith's Watermelon pallete as a base, and matched made the cock texture a lot less veiny. I normally use body hair overlays, so I wanted to create a good base for recolorers.

You can find the everything at Sim File Share. Only select one version.



  1. My women will love these handsome guys! The poses are hot and sexy as always. Great work. Thank you, Jason.

  2. Awesome work. Greatly appreciated and very much needed. Have you considered adding the "willy's" to Marvines BBv2?

    1. Hey, there. I'd originally conceived the project as kind of a one-off. I might consider it in the future.

    2. The squished feet on the bodybuilder series was always a problem. The BBv2 finally received a little "addition" from the very talented JulieJ (posted in a thread at insimadult). Variety is the spice of life and it would be really cool to see what you'd be able to come up with. Of course if you don't mind me posting skins for your meshes (crediting you and linking back here of course), since there are so few sims2 sites and creators left out there.

    3. Yup. Absolutely agree. I have Marvine feet/Bloom's Sexyfeet with all my nude meshes. I'm a bit overwhelmed with other projects and getting the game to work (%&$*! Windows 10 updates), but maybe someday I'll get around to adding Cocksure sets for BBv2, SBBv2, and LBBv2.

      As far as skinsets, go nuts (pun definitely intended)! I just linked to one of Lilith's regular skins and tried to color-match the original cock texture so that there's a good hairless base to work with. Had planned eventually to mess with skinblends for it, but if you have a favorite skintone or set of skintones you'd like to link, go for it. A link is appreciated but not necessary, and credit should go to Marvine first and foremost (all I did was kludge the meshes together). Feel free to redistribute the mesh.

  3. Please same with not muscular body