Friday, December 29, 2017

What Does the Fox Say?

Happy Friday, folks.

So this came about randomly. Lately, I've been doing a lot of collaborations with my friend Coni. Her brother, a fan of anime and hentai, made this suggestion. I thought it would be a cool idea, and seemed simple enough to do, so I whipped up a butt plug accessory and added a tail to it. The rest is history.

The accessory works for both genders, and for YA-Elder. It can be worn with casual, underwear, gym clothes, and nude. For girls, it works with most butt sizes. I tested it with asses ranging from FM to Momma Lisa without issues. It might look weird with super-skinny (Faerie) or supper-thick (Thick Madame of BigGirl). Likewise, for the guys it works with most standard sizes. it doesn't look right with Slim Male or HBB. As always, my accessories have custom thumbnails for easy location in CAS.

Also included is a deco object with all the recolors.

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

Coni's brother for the original concept.

Atreya for the fox tail mesh.

Bobcatben for the textures.

More under the cut.

The accessory:

Body Shop icons

Deco object

You can find the everything at Sim File Share.

What Does the Fox Say?


  1. Sos un capo Jason. quedaron re grosas.
    Ran (Damián)

    1. Me quedaron mas o menillos. No funcionan perfectamente ni en las muy flacas (Faerie, Milla J) ni en las mas gordibuenas (Thick Madame, BigGirl), pero en las tallas "normales" si arman la calabaza.

      En si, la cola ya estaba hecha, nomas era cuestion de pegarle al plug. Espero salieron mas o menos como te las imaginaste.

  2. Well this is freaking awesome you should make more RIo Clothes/Meshes cause I love RIO and it doesn't have enough wardrobe!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi, Adriana!

      Yes! I really wanted to release these outfits (especially the schoolgirl uniforms). Coni did a great job on the textures, but this is an older mesh and there are some crazy issues with the alpha top.

      I'm trying to get the mesh fixed and start uploading the outfits. Probably in 2-3 weeks if everything goes right.