Thursday, November 24, 2016

Big is Beautiful Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Hope everybody has an amazing holiday.

Important Update for 1/3/2017:  Julie J has posted an updated alpha skirt/Yuxi boots mesh (the one used for the circus performer outfit) on her Wordpress. It includes fat and preg morphs for these clothes. To install, just download and overwrite the previous version. Clickety click!

Continuing in the same vein as Part 1, I'm uploading a whole mess of medieval-ish clothing for Momma Lisa. These are mostly converted underthings. Because there are bare bewbies and I can't be arsed with mangling my images with black bars, I'm sharing these on the adult blog.

This set includes Almighty Hat's braes and chauses on a blockfoot mesh, Amroth's underwear converted to Momma Lisa, and Sherabim's circus performer. The circus performer comes in three colors, and I included a custom headdress accessory to coordinate with the outfits. All meshes are included.

Franniesims for the original bodyshape
Chris Hatch for the redone nude mesh
Sigmund Sims for the Momma Lisa blookfoot mesh
Julie J for the Momma Lisa alpha skirt with Yuxi boots. I couldn{t find the original page the mesh was shared on, but Slig reposted it HERE.
Almighty Hat for the original chauser, braes, and bindings textures
Amroth for the underwear recolors
Sherabim for the original circus performer outfit

The braes and chausers appear in Underwear only. They come in eight of Hat's original colors.

The braes and bindings are available for Underwear and Swimwear. I tried to match the bindings (top part) to Amroth's original braes textures as closely as possible.

The circus performer outfit is a stripset. It comes in three colors (original green, blue, and red) and three states (normal, topless, and stockings only).

The circus performer outfit comes with its own custom accessory. The accessory has a custom Body Shop thumbnail.

I created two versions of everything: BSOK'd and Tooltip'd. The BSOK version gives the dresses a custom icon and places them in the same place in the catalog as the other Momma Lisa clothing. The tooltip version isn't sorted in the catalog, and has a tooltip descrition of each dress instead of a custom icon.

Download from Sim File Share:

Download from Sim file share:


  1. More clothes for Momma Lisa! Thanks so much!

  2. Love all you do for the Momma Lisa - Thank you

    I have an upgraded mesh with the Yuxi boots with fat & preg morphs - Thought it was on wordpress already so I'll add it when I find it again :)

    1. Hi, Julie. I hunted high and low for something with an alpha skirt that would work with that outfit. I finally found it on Slig's blog. If you have the new mesh handy, please let me know; I'd be happy to redo the outfit with the proper morphs.

  3. Updated mesh is here