Friday, February 6, 2015

Klingon Genetic Set 4

Fourth of four Klingon genetic sets. It's a blend of Lilith's gorgeous Watermelon skintone and SynapticSim's Pooklet/Amon-Ra skinblend (for more muscle definition, especially the abs and arms). The faces are a blend of Lilith's skin and getagirl's klingon makeup. Because Klingons tend to be darker than most humanoids, I've used Trapping's Moonlit and Moonless Photardshop actions to create darker skin tones (and darker guy parts in the CBOY mod). I detailed the spinal cord myself to complete the look.

This set comes in seven tones: Lilith's original Beach, Olive, Sunheat, Dusk, and Sunset, plus Moonlit and Moonless. Matching guy parts (plus the mesh) are included in the link below. Enjoy.

-Lilith- for the base skintone
SynapticSim for the Amun-Ra/Pooklet skinblend (for bigger muscles!)
Trapping for the original skin and actions
Crammyboy for the original cock
Skaarjy, minigilesstylr, sarcoot7 and Slig for cock and pube textures and for updating the mod

Here's the stuff:

Download from Box:
Klingon Genetic Set 4
CBOY's cock- Ocelotekatl update 2

Download from Mediafire:
Klingon Genetic Set 4
CBOY's cock- Ocelotekatl update 2

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