Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tzenkethi Genetic Set 5- Chartruese and Magenta

Fifth of five Tzenkethi sets. For those who don't know from my story or from reading the Typhon Pact novels, the Tzenkethi are a beautiful, enigmatic, and manipulative race and one of the founding members of Typhon Pact, a loosely organized alliance of nation-states antipathetic to Starfleet and her allies. Since this genetic set includes updates to CBOY's cock mod, I won't be making a separate post on my family friendly blog.

The C and below females are bald because I don't have any custom hair desaturated enough to match their skintones.

The Tzenkethi are very stratified socially; a Tzenkethi's social standing determines how lustrous his/her skin is. Each color has shades ranging from AA to E, depending on the Tzenkethi's social rank. Enjoy.

-Lilith- for the base skintone
Trapping for the original skin and actions
Crammyboy for the original cock
Skaarjy, minigilesstylr, sarcoot7 and Slig for cock and pube textures and for updating the mod

The eye sets aren't included with the Tzenkethi. I recommend pickpock's Xenophelia and Xenophelia II eye sets.

Here's the stuff:

Download from Box:
Tzenkethi Chartruese and Magenta
CBOY's Cock- Ocelotekatl Update 2

Download from Mediafire:
Tzenkethi Chartruese and Magenta
CBOY's Cock- Ocelotekatl Update 2

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