Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cardassian-Bajoran Hybrid Genetic Set

This skinset was originally suggested to me by LadyAlaise, and I loved the idea from the very start. I've taken my Cardassian skinblend and blended it gently with my Bajoran skinblend to create a hybrid Cardassian/Bajoran, like Tora Ziyal from DS9. Both of the parent skinsets were based on crunk_kitty/ getagirl's original Cardassian and Bajoran skintones, and Lilith's Watermelon skinset. The pale and pink skins are blended into Lilith's Warmth texture, the pale gray is blended into the Pale Dust texture, and the dark gray is blended into the Olive texture. So the hybrids look less significantly less like Cardassians, with more humanlike skin colors and much lighter skin mottling.

This set comes in four tones: pink, pale, light gray, and dark gray. Matching guy parts (plus the mesh) are included in the link below. Enjoy.

I thought initially that the updated textures from the CBOY mod wouldn't work, but if you use the CBOY mod, the Lilith Light Rose texture matches the pale skintone, the Lilith Warmth texture matches the pink skintone, the Lilith Pale Dust texture almost matches the pale gray skintone, and the Tzenkethi Orange E texture is a good match for the dark gray skintone.

-Lilith- for the base skintone
crunk_kitty and getagirl for the Cardassian and Bajoran skintones
Trapping for the original skin and actions
Crammyboy for the original cock
Skaarjy, minigilesstylr, sarcoot7 and Slig for cock and pube textures and for updating the mod

Here's the stuff:

Download from Box:
Cardassian-Bajoran Hybrid Genetic Set
CBOY's cock with updated textures

Download from Mediafire:
Cardassian-Bajoran Hybrid Genetic Set
CBOY's cock with updated textures

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