Monday, July 21, 2014

Real Sex Posebox

Update 3/19/2015: I've created a comprehensive PDF pose guide and updated all the pose pics (the backgrounds are a bit more sterile for added clarity, and I've added close-ups). I've also added the Real Sex posebox collection file to the end of this post.

Firstly, this isn't the type of thing I typically do; I have a story blog that's NC17, but my Sims 2 creations, to date, have all been family friendly.

Anyway, I recently learned the fine art of posebox making and thought it was a shame that there aren't a lot of well-made sex poseboxes out there. Of the poseboxes available, most of the poses are pretty tame (The exceptions being MIA's Porn Star and Dirty Housewife poseboxes and Kitty's FMOTF posebox). So I decided to make my own, and I think they came out a bit spicy.

One of the most frustrating things about poseboxes is that they aren't very descriptive. Most creators simply name the poses Pose 1, Pose 2, Pose 3, etc., buried under two or three submenus. When you try to end the pose, you can't remeber if you used Pose 4 or Pose 12. So I included the option "STOP ALL POSES" right at the main menu level. This makes life much easier. The poses are arranged into two groups, oral and anal (although the anal poses could be used for vanilla sex as well). There are 18 anal groups and 12 oral groups, some with multiple pose options for one partner. I eschewed labeling the poses "male" and "female" because I'm pretty open-minded; use whatever gender suits you. There's also a set of face overlays, to be used in conjunction with the sex poses (they're on a separate menu). Also, I've included a catalog of the poses and face overlays in the download links for your reference.

Here are the main menu and submenu options:

Warning: steamy images ahead

Here's the complete selection of poses (Note: There's a downloadable pose guide in a link at the end of the post).

Group: Oral Sex Poses

Group: Anal Sex Poses

Group: Face Overlays (All poseboxes)

Download from Box:
Real Sex Posebox
Real Sex Posing Guide
Real Sex Posebox Collection

Download from Mediafire:
Real Sex Posebox
Real Sex Posing Guide
Real Sex Posebox Collection


  1. Hey I love your pose but just wanted to ask if you could make some pose that look like the models in this link here

    1. Hi, Adrianna.

      These are cool! I hadn't seen them yet.

      I have a few poses that look kind of like some of these. This one looks kind of like the couple in the back (standing rear entry). It's found in this posebox, Anal Pose 5 This one is a lot like the couple in the front, to the right. Also in this posebox. Anal Pose 17. This is a variation of the same pose. It can be found in the Group Sex Posebox- 4-Way Group 1 And finally, this one looks a lot like the girl masturbating. It can be found in the Solo Sex Posebox- Jilling Pose 5

      I don't really have any poses right now that look like the girl in the back holding her boobs or the front left couple (the Deck Chair, or something like THIS: but I can put it on my projects list.

  2. where do i download men's geneitc?